The Natural Stress Relief technique has shown to be effective for:

Improvement of

  • memory (++)
  • intelligence (+)
  • self-confidence (+)
  • sociality (+)
  • inner happiness (+)
  • general health (+)

  •  anxiety reduction

    Striking reduction of anxiety is shown by a
    sharp increase in skin electrical resistance.
    Reduction or removal of

  • nervousness (---)
  • phobias (---)
  • anxiety (--)
  • stress (--)
  • mild depression (--)
  • headaches (--)
  • hypertension (--)
  • existential crisis (--)
  • insomnia (-)
  • panic attacks (-)
  • tobacco abuse (-)
  • drug abuse (-)
  • general diseases (-)
  • ageing (-)

  • The Natural Stress Relief method ($25)
    has been scientifically tested by the
    Scientia Institute (Italy) and seems
    to be as effective as the expensive
    Maharishi's TM technique® ($2500).
    Please read the manual for more info.

    • The Natural Stress Relief technique is a simple mental technique that can be practiced 1 or 2 times a day, 10 or 15 minutes each time. Please read the manual for details.

    • This method is different and has shown to be much more effective than most relaxation and meditation techniques. Testimonials.

    • This method is similar to Dr. Chopra's Primordial Sound® technique ($325.00) and is a mantra meditation technique as the expensive Maharishi's TM meditation® ($2500.00): if you already practice either of these, you don't need to learn the Natural Stress Relief technique. Trademark disclaimer.

    • You can learn this effective technique for $25.00 only. Immediate download: Manual (PDF file, 38 pages) and short Audio file (4 minutes).

    • If you want to

    relaxation response
    Since 1970 Dr. Herbert Benson tested certain mental techniques of this kind and scientifically proved their remarkable beneficial effects. He wrote on his book
    The relaxation response (HarperCollins),
    a best-seller that has sold 5 million copies:

    The data were incontrovertible. Practitioners
    brought about striking physiologic changes
    (page 8).
    A surprisingly simple technique (page 108).

    • Dr. Benson's created his own technique, the Relaxation Response, and he claimed that this could achieve the same results. Unfortunately Dr. Benson's claim is not supported by scientific evidence: further research has shown that the TM technique is 3 to 4 times more effective than Dr. Benson's relaxation response.

    • The Natural Stress Relief technique is a simple and inexpensive method that was created in 2003 by R.Harrison and F.Coppola, both physicists and expert practitioners of Maharishi's TM. Their purpose was to achieve the same remarkable results of the TM technique through a simple and inexpensive method that could be learned at home.

    • Harrison and Coppola were charmed by the changes in EEG patterns during the practice of the TM technique and they studied them in physical terms. The final product is the Natural Stress Relief technique, that has shown to be as effective as the expensive TM technique.

    • R.Harrison said: "It's incredible that doing something so simple, for a few minutes every day, such results are achieved". This effective method is now sold on this website for $25.00.

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