Learn this technique for $25.00 (Credit Card or Online Check).

  • To learn this technique, you need to download the manual (PDF file, 37 pages) and a short audio file called 'learn' (4 minutes, 1.4 MB).
  • This technique must be practiced 1 or 2 times a day, 10 or 15 minutes every time.
  • You need the audio file 'learn' for your first session ever. You need the manual for your first 6 sessions (then you can practice this technique without the audio file and without the manual).
  • If you already practice Maharishi's TM technique or Chopra's Primordial sound, you don't need to learn the Natural Stress Technique.
If you can hear a special sound and a computer-generated voice, your audio system is OK (otherwise download and test the audio file 'tone' ).

PURCHASE ($25.00, Credit Card, US & World Wide)

PURCHASE ($25.00, Online Check, US)

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