anxiety disorders, panic attack, phobia, anguish Striking reduction of anxiety is shown by a sharp increase in skin resistance during the practise of the Natural Stress Relief technique.

Panic Attacks

The Natural Stress Relief technique has shown to be a remedy against panic attacks and phobias. It is a form a deep relaxation that causes a remarkable stress reduction and has shown to be very effective. The results achieved by the Natural Stress Relief technique have been scientifically validated and no other technique or method or single tool has shown to be as effective as this one against panic attacks and phobias.

Panic Attacks
Stress Reduction

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The Natural Stress Relief technique is practised 2 times a day, for 15 minutes each time. Nothing special is required (read the handbook for more info). You can learn this effective technique for a few dollars only. This site includes:
- a description of scientific research that confirms the effectiveness of the Natural Stress Relief technique;
- a forum where the practise of this technique can be discussed;
- a complete explanation about how to learn this technique.

Panic Attacks

The Natural Stress Relief technique has shown to be effective against:
alcohol abuse; anguish; anxiety; anxiety attack; anxiety attacks; attention deficit; cigarettes abuse; depression; distress; drugs abuse; fear; fears; headaches; hypertension; insomnia; manic depression; mental disorders; mild depression; nervousness; panic; panic attack; panic attacks; panic disorders; phobia; phobias; shyness; sleep disorder; sleep disorders; social anxiety; social phobia; stress.
It has shown to be effective for:
anti-ageing; anti-stress therapy; calm; general health; happiness; intelligence; intuition; memory; psychotherapy; relax; relaxation; self-confidence; sociality; stress management; stress reduction; stress relief; well-being.

Dr. Herbert Benson and Dr. Keith Wallace, both from Harvard University, were the first medical doctors to verify the effectiveness of the original technique, through a detailed scientific research (Science, 167; American journal of physiology, 221; Scientific American, 226).
However, Dr. Benson never practised this technique (he only tested it on several practitioners). Dr. Benson created his own technique, the well-known relaxation response, explained in his book The relaxation response, that sold over 4 million copies.
Further research showed that the original technique is 3 to 4 times more effective than Dr. Benson's relaxation response technique (Journal of clinical psychology, 45; and Journal of social behavior and personality, 6).

Natural Stress Relief

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