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Natural Stress Relief manual

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Natural Stress Relief manual

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Congratulations for learning the Natural Stress Relief technique.

This is a simple mental technique to be practiced a few minutes a day. For best results, 2 sessions a day should be done, 15 minutes each session.
A regular practice of this technique is expected to improve your well being, to reduce your stress and to produce remarkable improvements in your life.
To learn this technique, 6 sessions are needed over 3 days, around 20 or 25 minutes each session. This manual comes with an audio file (mp3), called 'Learn'.
Do not listen to the audio file 'Learn' at this time! Wait for the right time.

Best wishes by the Team of the Scientia Institute (Istituto Scientia, Italy).

1 - The Natural Stress Relief technique.

The Natural Stress Relief technique has shown to work fine and there are scientific confirmations about its effectiveness (see Appendix 1 and 3). It is very simple but it must be:

  • learned in a correct way;
  • practiced in a regular way.
Remarkable results have been achieved by people who have done this seriously. You have to practice this technique every day, 10 minutes or more.
Several other techniques that claim to reduce stress/anxiety and to increase mental performance, have shown to achieve less remarkable results compared to this one. Such competitor techniques include autogenic training, self-hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, breath control, brainwave techniques, yoga meditation (see Appendix 2). [snip...]

3 - How to practice the Natural Stress Relief technique.

This chapter exposes the basic instructions to practice the Natural Stress Relief technique, even though details are not revealed (this is not your personal instruction yet). This technique:

  • is to be practiced at least 1 time a day, 10 or 15 minutes each time;
  • is to be practiced while sitting comfortably, with closed eyes;
  • begins with 15 or 20 seconds of rest and silence
  • ends with 2 minutes of rest and silence;
  • may be practiced anywhere you can sit down and close your eyes;
  • cannot be practiced after eating (2 hours) or before sleeping (2 hours).

4 - More details about the Natural Stress Relief technique.

The Natural Stress Relief technique can be practiced by anyone who is at least 14 years of age and is able to read and understand this handbook. Provided your are at least 14, there are no differences depending on your age, your sex, your race, your profession, your political or religious belief, or your confidence or skepticism in the Natural Stress Relief technique. It will work in any case.
Remember, there is no difficulty in learning this technique, that is very simple, but you must follow the instructions correctly, and you must practice the technique in a regular way. [snip...]

5 - Preparation to your personal instruction.

Chapter 5, 6 and 7 prepare you to your first session ever. During this session, you will learn to practice the Natural Stress Relief technique. The duration of the personal instruction is around 30 minutes.
Warning: do not listen to the audio file 'Learn' yet! You will listen to this audio file later. [snip...]

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Natural Stress Relief

Appendix 1.

Who learns the technique in a correct way and practices it in a regular way, will get remarkable results. This has shown to be true on thousands of people and confirmed by scientific research.
The striking reduction of stress and anxiety is shown by a sharp increase in skin electrical resistance.
The more ordered state of mind and restful alertness is indicated by EEG changes, showing an increase of slow alpha waves (around 8 or 9 Hertz) and spreading of alpha and theta wave activity to the various areas of the brain in a synchronized and coherent way.
For more information, read Appendix 3.

Appendix 2.

Other mental techniques usually produce less powerful effects than this technique.
For example, the famous Benson’s relaxation response technique claim to have reached the same striking results, has not been confirmed by scientific research (Dr. Herbert Benson is the author of the best-seller The relaxation response, HarperCollins Publishers 1975, 2000).
The Natural Stress Relief technique is different and much more effective than such competitor techniques. Usually the other techniques achieve an increase of slow alpha waves (8 or 9 Hertz) only, but alpha and theta wave activity does not spread to other areas of the brain in a synchronized and coherent way.

Appendix 3.

The creators of this method are expert in several mental techniques such as autogenic training, sofrology techniques, mantra meditation, Maharishi’s TM and Sidhi, Yogananda’s Hong So, Benson’s relaxation response, the Silva method, brainwave techniques and others.
Raymond Harrison has been a Maharishi’s TM teacher for several years. He inspired the creation of the Natural Stress Relief technique, that was developed by the Scientia Institute (Istituto Scientia, Massa, Italy). The President of the Scientia Institute, Fabrizio Coppola (Ph.D. in physics), is an expert practitioner of several mental techniques, including Maharishi’s TM (since 1983) and TM-Sidhi (since 1989).
Harrison and Coppola were charmed by the changes in EEG patterns during the practice of the TM technique and he studied them in physical terms. They understood that TM and the Natural Stress Relief technique establish a natural resonance phenomenon in the nervous system, which can be considered a physical system crossed by electrical signals. This resonance is determined by a periodic signal, created by a special sound in the mind, which, starting from the brain, spreads out to the entire nervous system. Whoever is expert about resonance phenomena in physics, knows that they may create striking effects. Actually this resonance is able to “clean up” the nervous system, eliminating what in physics would be called “residual background noise”, and that in psycho-physiological terms appears as “stress”. Unfortunately, this connection between physics, physiology and psychology is not well known by most scientists at this time.
The Scientia Institute has verified the striking effects produced by the Natural Stress Relief technique. Specifically:
1) a striking skin resistance increase;
2) the respiration patterns (that are completely different from the respiration patterns in Benson’s relaxation response);
3) a statistical study of the subjective effects (as reported by the practitioners), that confirm the effectiveness of this technique.
These effects are virtually identical to those produced by TM.

Table of contents (total: 38 pages)
  • Introduction
  •  1. The Natural Stress Relief technique
  •  2. How to learn the Natural Stress Relief technique
  •  3. How to practice the Natural Stress Relief technique
  •  4. More details about the Nat. Stress Relief technique
  •  5. Preparation to your personal instruction
  •  6. Preview of your personal instruction
  •  7. Possible effects during your sessions
  •  8. Before your personal instruction
  •  9. Personal instruction: your first session
  • 10. After your personal instruction
  • 11. First lesson
  • 12. Your second session
  • 13. Second lesson
  • 14. Your third session
  • 15. Third lesson
  • 16. Your fourth session
  • 17. Fourth lesson
  • 18. Your fifth session
  • 19. Fifth lesson
  • 20. Your sixth session
  • 21. Sixth lesson
  • 22. Your next sessions
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 3

 Natural Stress Relief manual

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text file + audio file

 Natural Stress Relief manual

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